“The AGROSALON-2014”


The first-rate agricultural mechanical engineering expo “The AGROSALON-2014” has finished successfully in Moscow. The AUTO-EM’s exposition was presented at this exhibition where complex decisions of equipping and engineering of paint shops of machine building factories were demonstrated. Many visitors of AUTO-EM’s stand revealed the interest to cooperation and solution of an actual for producer problems: improving of the quality of coatings for agricultural production.

The special interest … (look details)

The special interest visitors of AUTO-EM’s stand was to:

-industrial paints from DAMIANI (Italy) including:

-weather resistant high-quality primer-topcoat FOSFACRYL;

- coatings with increased chemical resistance and resistance to mineral fertilizer, herbicides and other preparations as for example epoxy primer-topcoat EPOCROM FZ SL and epoxy enamel EPOCROM

-unique epoxy coatings for all metals (including painting of rusty metal) ЕРОРАСК;

-application of special additives in paint to increase the heat resistance or antigraffiti properties;

-industrial paints from INTERNATIONAL for coating of metal constructions and for reliable anticorrosion protection vessels corrosion and etc. by INTERSEAL 670 HS.

- spray booths, mobile infrared dry equipment, other spraying equipment (spray guns, compressors for pneumatic spraying, systems of airless and air-mix spraying); painting conveyors and system of movement heavy details for coating and drying to booths.

Taking into account the interest of our visitors to the exposition and regarding that there were many the Heads of the companies, we are looking forward to continue development of cooperation with factories agricultural machine building plants.