A new type of cooperation with industrial companies and plants

 For 20 years dealing, AUTO-EM has received a lot of experience in the modernization of paint manufacturing industry.
An integrated approach to the process of paint-shop modernization and update is the base of its success and effectiveness. However, experience shows that production engineers of a Customer usually do not have full information about the modern equipment and its capabilities . Therefore, in the early stages of interaction a lot of questions raises, accurate answers to which the specialists of the Customer industrial enterprises do not have .

We are sure: when a large-scale modernization starts the best way of cooperation is to conclude a contract for consulting services. The scope of services and the contract form, should reflect the wishes and possibilities of the Customer.

The contract includes following stages:
-      audit and analysis of existing production,
-      engineering of the project modernization ,
-      preparation of proposals to change the technology of painting (if needed), etc.
It should be noted that in case of further cooperation including supply of equipment by " AUTO -EM" , a significant portion of the consulting contract price became a credit of supply contract.

Thus, in one of the latest contracts for consulting services concluded with a major defense industry plant (the technology exchange had not been included) we analyzed processes and supposed the re-arrangement of the following:
- Conveyor paint line (hanging conveyor, manual painting) ,

Mixing-room for preparation paints,
- Paint shop for details of small and medium sizes,
- Paint shop for details of medium and large (up to 4 m in length) sizes.

As a result of this work we suggested to the Customer a list of more than 50 pieces of equipment, both foreign and domestic manufacturers. It is now expected the supply contract signing.