Ready-made solutions

Solutions – is to help in the selection of paint systems for similar objects in standardized operating conditions, tested and sold many times the standard technological solutions for painting certain objects. Multiples of operating conditions, the same type painted objects, the standard requirements by age – lead to the unification of systems standing. The reusable paint system is easier to certify, reasoned stand on tenders to control the quality of the paint work.
Uniform ready solutions are a great help in the design stage and selection of paint systems. Typically, all ready-made solutions are certified, tested and can convincingly defended when making a ready-made projects.
An example of complete solution coating for offshore platforms with the decision of various problems on their color is the standard “NORSOK M-501”.
This standard presents the requirements to the selection of coating systems, materials, depending on the type of metal selected, preparation of the surface, the conditions of operation, the location of the object.
The data shown in our site area for ready-made solutions are not comprehensive and specialists of our company are ready to discuss with you your objectives for coloring and help with their decision.



Paint equipment for petrochemical plants

 All the colors of diverse chemical and petrochemical equipment, despite their dissimilarity, and execution heterogeneous tasks can be reduced to the minimum number of paint systems.

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Coating of metal constructions

The consept of "metal constructions" has a very wide meaning in this category is the largest sigment be coated metal. To narrow the list of ready-made solutions in this section provides solutions for the constructions of metal structures and bridges.

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Stained water tanks

 Corrosion protection of metal are constantly exposed to water and aqueous is a complex technical task that can only be solved with the use of high quality paints materials. Special responsibilities and complexity in terms of corrosion protection have storage tanks for drinking water. International PC Company has developed and certified a number of epoxy and epoxy-phenolic material for this purpose. Below are some coating and coating systems.

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Colouring engeneering products

 By engeneering products include a wide rang of tools, machinary, equipment, vehicles and other means of transport, special equipments and ect. On the basis of the wide range of product and specific technical requirements of each type, pick a unified  paint is almost immposible. Meanwhile, we offer some high-coating systems for specific types of engeneering products, which can also be used in other branches of engeneering.

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Colouring of nonferrous metal

When colouring of nonferrous metal, as well as stainless steels and galvanized steels the main task is support of decorative coat adhesion to metal. For this purpose the following epoxy primers are used. Their main function in this case is support of coat's adhesion, so primers thickness can be minimum - 30-40 micron.

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Travel of liquid mediums

To travel of liquid paint and varnish materials and their ingredients, as well as production of petrochemical complex, syspensions with sufficiently large engaging the diaphragm pumps with pneumatic actuator are offered to. 

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Colouring PVC and plastic windows

For colouring windows from PVC, glass-fiber plastic, aluminium, many years with sucsess employed polyurithane enamel Redox PUR Sikkens and Interthanе 990 International РС. The enamels polyurуthane have earned an established reputation as an exelent external decorative coating.

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