Technology staining

Undeniable is the expression that “profitable paint quality.” This high-quality color provided: a reliable anti-corrosion protection of metals, high decorative properties of products of industrial enterprises, increasing the TBO coating, respectively, dyed products. And, thus, high–quality coated products are more attractive and competitive compared with others.
Process factors affecting the quality refinishing (LCP):
  1. Modern paints can, how to improve the performance properties of coating, and solve a number of environmental issues, paint production
  2. Choice of coatings systems must be based on the operating conditions of colored products.
  3. Preparing the painted surface before applying coating. This factor affects the properties such as adhesion of coatings, protective properties, water resistance and other properties of coating.
  4. Compliance with the application of coatings technology, including the choice of painting equipment, painting and drying conditions. For example, the use of airless spray can not only save lake and varnish coating due to the high rate of migration, but also to increase by approximately 25% of the protective properties of coating, due to the formation of denser without porous coating.

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