Ensemble of the Borodino Convent of Our Savior.

The another analogous object in colour of all the roof from the galvanized iron was the hole ensemble of the Borodino Convent of Our Savior. 

In the 1840-1870 years next to the field of Borodino was build magnificent ensemble of stone buildings of the monastery on the donations of the royal family, mambers of the 1812 war and their descendants, the Guard and Army units that participated in the Battle of Borodino. This Convent was the bigest martial memorial in Russia.
In Soviet times the convent survived the hard times. In spite of  the fact that the locals treated her with love and respect, the authorities closed it. The convent was returned to the Church in 1992.
Reconstraction was delayed for ten years. All the roofs were covered with new galvanized iron. There was a need to colour this material. For colouring the roof of galvanized iron was also used repeatedly proven themselves positively for this purpose epoxy -polyurithane coating systems. Colouring was carried out in the summer of1994.

Colouring was carried Airless spray  ST MAX 395. Our technicians directly on the roofs of the objects are trained to work with Airless and then oversee the whole process of colouring.