Church of Nicolay Wonder - worker in the Rogachevo village

At a distance from the colouting of the industrial projects stand the objects of the civil construction, on which with success was applied the materials of industial purpose. One of such objects is the Church of Nucolay wonder-worker in the Rogachevo village. 

This Curch because of its grand proportion and the pomp was named a "cathedral" by the people and in a number of  sources. According to the information of  parish, it is contains around 5000 church people.

The Church was build in Russian-Byzantine style in 1862-1886. The Church - one of the project "tonovskaya architecture", orientated on the Cathedral of the Redeemer in Moscow.

The Church have been closed  in 1936 year and have been used as a granary until 1990 year, when it was returned to Russian Orthodox Church. Reconstruction of the church held difficult  enough and slowly because of lack of founds. And initial reconstruction was made  not enough qualitative materials, so, for example, reqire recolour. 
Colouring technology consist from the removing the old coating, special metal degreasing composition, applying epoxy primer with a unique adhasive and polyurithane enamel. 
Colouring was carried out in the summer of  2006 and 2007 years.Our specialists have repeatedly visited the site of the works, advise and train the workers and carried out all the technical support of the project. In consideration of necessity for paint works at high altitude and at considerable winds, for colouring a setup airless ULTRA MAX 695.

The roof and domes before reconstraction The domes after reconstraction