Moscow monorail railways

Company «AUTO-EM Ltd» is proud of unique design on the fitting-out colouring area of enterprise  «Moscow monorail railways». In 1999 with taking part of Moscow Government to generation new types of transport on the base of Moscow institute of termal technics "Moscow monorail railways" was created.

In the same year the programm "Moscow monorail transport" was approved, providing creation the system of monoreil roads in Moscow. In according with Decision of Moscow Government from 22.05.01 № 463-PP in a brief space of time was performed design and building of unique unparalleled in Russia, complex, consist from 5-km road, six stations and shed service and keeping of monorail trains. 

Within this great project our company designed and installed the most modern equipment by the best europien manufacturers: spray and dry booth WOLF SUPRA, fitted  with two lifts for colourists, allowed to provide the colouring on any hight, and the area of preparing, compressor equipment and full set  consumables and tools.
The next stage of work combined with technologist  «MMD» was designed and implemented technology of colouring waggons  of rolling stock with application of  paint-and-lacquer materials industrial purpose.